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Thayer A. Musa, Esq.

TAM Law, Thayer Musa, Personal Injury Attorney, Hurricane Attorney, Insurance Claim Attorney

Thayer A. Musa is the managing partner and owner of TAM Law, LLC. After graduating from his alma mater, St. Thomas University School of Law, he immediately began practicing in the areas of personal injury and insurance law nearly for two decades now. Mr. Musa's expertise is supported by his past experience where he previously held the position as General Counsel for where he overlooked the in-house legal department at an insurance company.  Mr. Musa now zealously represents his clients by going above and beyond by offering his expertise in personal injury and insurance law applying his legal knowledge from both sides of a claim. 

Moneeb H. Abdelmonem, Esq.

TAM Law, Personal Injury Attorney, Property Claim Attorney, Insurance Claim Attorney, Moneeb Monem

Moneeb H. Abdelmonem is an Associate Attorney at TAM Law, LLC, who received his JD from Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law. While attending law school, he clerked for an insurance company, working part of its in-house counsel team, gaining extensive knowledge in insurance law and personal injury. His knowledge provides a dual dynamic by clerking defense work for an insurance company and now representing his clients personal injury claims seeking the maximum amount of recovery for his clients.

Tatiana Juarez


Tatiana Juarez is TAM Law's Executive Operations Manager.  With more than 20 years of experience in the legal field, Ms. Juarez boasts an extensive conglomeration of her exposure to various roles including Senior Legal Secretary Manager as well as secretarial positions, to name a few. Ms. Juarez has dedicated years of commitment to accruing essential relationships with court liaisons such as judicial assistants and court clerk as well as strong working relationships with representatives from opposing counsels, thereby facilitating communication and the overall litigation process between parties.  Ms. Juarez' demeanor and focus on the firm's clients allows the client to feel confident in her support and attention to the case since customer service is her top priority - with the understanding that a positive outcome for the case is the number one goal.